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Charter Wills Limited has offices in Ipswich and Manchester. We cover the whole of England and Wales, although most of our clients are based in London and the South East. Our objective is to provide a friendly and professional Will writing service of the highest standards to our clients, financial advisers and other professionals with whom we conduct business.

Our Directors are Associate member of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and holds the STEP Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation. As a firm, we are committed to continuing professional development and keeping abreast of changes in the law and practice relating to Will writing and our associated products and services. So the information and advice we provide is as up-to-date as possible.


Protect loved ones and guarantee your assets will go where you would want them to in the event of your death by having Charter Wills prepare a carefully worded Will that is tailored to your circumstances, with meticulous attention to any and all changes in the law.


Many estates pay Inheritance Tax (IHT) unnecessarily. By helping you to prepare a well-drafted Will, Charter Wills can help minimise the impact of IHT on your estate; the use of Trusts can also help avoid IHT on assets such as life insurances, death-in-service and pension benefits. Offering guidance on how to preserve your estate for your loved ones is how we go above and beyond to achieve total client satisfaction.


Without a Will, a surviving spouse will not necessarily inherit all of the estate. This can leave the survivor in real financial difficulties. The only way to guarantee against this is to make a Will that is drafted and updated as needed, according to the law, and suited to your specific requirements. Charter Wills provides a courteous, professional service to do just this while giving you timely, helpful guidance on how best to draw up your Will.


Reason 1:

You can choose who will inherit your property, your money and your possessions

Reason 2:

You can appoint Guardians for young children

Reason 3:

You can even save tax after you die, to the benefit of your loved ones

Reason 4:

You can establish Trusts to protect young or less able beneficiaries

Reason 5:

You can plan for the care of family pets or leave money to charity

Reason 6:

You can protect the value of your home